What are Bartenieff Fundamentals (BF)

Also known as Patterns of Total Body Connectivity BF exercises were developed by a physical therapist who studied with Rudolf Laban, the innovator of movement theories and notation.

BF is an organized “system” that focuses on unlearning inefficient movement patterns in the body.  They are “gentle patterns” that awaken sensations in the body informing thoughts, feelings and emotions.  It is through this inner sensing that an individual can begin to “trust” the intuitiveness of the body.  Experiencing these patterns can create a more comfortable body with movements that are easeful and intelligent.

Why is this important?  In this process of self-knowledge we can begin to become more conscious of our own responses including the personal meaning that movement evokes.  In this journey  through movement underlying tensions, whether emotional or physical, may be revealed as well as habitual ways of moving that may be causing undue tension, stress and chronic joint pain.  We gain the freedom to make more efficient choices through movement education!

Be ready to explore and find YOUR easeful way of being!

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