Yoga Non-Special Needs Classes


The adults without disabilities  private  "YOGA FLOW" was created in 2016 with portions of the proceeds dedicated to support the families of individuals with special needs.

Gentle "Yoga Flow" sessions integrate breath, body and balance enhancing your body's natural intelligence toward wellness and  stress relief!  It blends principles from Hatha Yoga, Energy Medicine, and Bartenieff Fundamentals (BF) helping you to improve posture, awareness, balance, and 3D core support.

Whether you are sitting at a computer most of the day or want to improve your golf or tennis game this class will help you participate in your life with more awareness, flexibility, coordination and enhanced vitality.   All levels are welcome. Please bring your own yoga mat to class..all other props are provided!

Fitness is not a "one size fits all"! This one hour personalized session is a wonderful way to help you improve your movement patterns through simple WHOLE body integration exercises called Bartenieff Fundamentals (learn more here..)

It is recommended that you schedule 4 consecutive sessions to establish a foundation for self-practice and see the best results!

Your hour session will include:
  1. Postural Assessment
  2. Specific exercises to address your needs for self-care
  3. Re-balancing and renewal with relaxation on the BIOMAT.
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