To Inspire, Empower and Support the lives of individuals and families with SPECIAL NEEDS through the joy of the movement arts!

"If we look inside ourselves, each of us has a dance, and each dance is different"

This year DanceAbilities had added an additional YOGA program for PERSONS WITHOUT SPECIAL NEEDS as well as continuing with our specialized small group and private sessions for ages 3 through adult for individuals with disabilities such as:

*Down Syndrome,* Autism, *ADHD, *Smith Magenis Syndrome, and other developmental delays.

Our person-centered approach rooted in Laban Movement Analysis (LMA) allows the therapist to develop a "movement profile" integrating nonverbal as well as verbal cues.  Both observational cues are significant in understanding an individual's  unique mode of expression and ways of "being" in the world.   Entering their world develops a shared "dance" of communication and expression.

During our group movement class participants learn to:

  1.  attune to others through leading and following
  2.  share movement experiences through verbal and nonverbal interactions
  3.  find the joy in movement
  4.  express individual feelings
  5.  follow their own creative instincts

Dance  is an enjoyable activity with the potential to support individuals to move beyond their "disability" with confidence and acceptance.